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Raku confess love to Onodera in episode 11 of Nisekoi: (Season 2). Nisekoi Drunken Onodera - Duration: We Love Clash of Clans l John 1,, views · Kosaki Miyanagi née Onodera (小野寺 小咲, Onodera Kosaki) is one of the main characters of the ‎Haru Onodera · ‎Relationships of Kosaki Onodera · ‎Nisekoi Wiki · ‎Ruri Miyamoto. nisekoi onodera

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She looks a lot similar to her mother. Nurse style Riku Yagami Mei Irizaki: Check out some communities and we recommend you subscribe to at least 5. As the contest begins, Haru is in dismay as she sees Raku and Kosaki have fun together and taste Raku's sweets that seem much better than hers despite Raku only being a rookie. She is also very friendly, as shown towards an unsociable Paula; that she was still patient enough to continue befriending her despite Paula's cold treatment towards her. In all, Haru is still a sweet and considerate individual towards her loved ones.